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David grew up on the west end of a small Kansas farm town. The sunsets over the vast plains were spectacular. The unpolluted night skies were a deep dark void with piercing stars and frequent surprises like vivid constellations, meteor showers, satellites, eclipses and occasional glimpses of the aurora borealis. He had big dreams and, after many viewings of The Wizard of Oz, truly believed that there was a yellow brick road and that he was possibly Dorothy’s brother. He followed that road to the mountains of Colorado, graduating from high school in Denver, then graduating from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania. Writing and directing musicals for his high school and later CMU’s Scotch N’ Soda Club, he won some awards and landed a music publishing deal in New York with Chappell Music and had a show on Broadway by the time he was 22.

While in New York, David composed music and lyrics for television (9 of his CBS/Fox Educational Videos achieved Gold Status), theatre (Elizabeth 1, Magic Show, Seesaw) ad campaigns (Hallmark, AT&T, Mercedes Benz), and played the cabaret circuit with his own band. He scored several films and wrote the title song for Warner Brothers’ So Fine starring Ryan O’Neal. But David had other interests and ideas that drew him into psychology, education and spiritual studies. He started searching for the codes – the signs from some force that gave meaning to our lives. This led to a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts and a focus on creative process that evolved into founding and serving as the original artistic director of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts. Meanwhile, David moved his family from New York to Florida to get closer to nature and forge a new direction.

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