A force deep within me chose to create this web site to express the what and how of who I am, and why I’m here.

These songs, words and images embody the meaning, value and purpose of my creative, intellectual, and metaphysical expressions – reflecting what I’ve learned about life and the human condition.

David Sheridan Spangler

Since we are all made of the same cosmic stuff, we intuitively realize that creation would be incomplete without each of us sharing information and experiences that might help others make more sense out of the world in which we all live – the part of reality we all share.

Take a deep breath, sit back and explore the hidden codes embedded in the music and stories on the following pages.

Part of my mission is to empower those who resonate with the boundless creative power we all possess, and to help learn to use this power to transform the earth and ourselves into a better expression of equality, harmony and balance. Oh yes, and the joy of life.