Something You Can’t Get At Home

Something You
Can’t Get At Home

songs by
David Spangler, Rick Gore and Christopher Gore

book by
Rick Gore and David Spangler

The Story

After a successful career of writing, directing and starring in musicals, TV sitcoms, and films, Jonathan Montgomery embarks on his last creative venture. He dies in an unfortunate onstage accident, and then attempts to metaphysically manipulate the people he loved into producing his unproduced musical. Earning his angel wings is harder than he thought.

Production History

  • Full reading at MCC Theatre, NYC (2007)



  1. Country of Joy
  2. Desire
  3. Jonathan
  4. Something You Can’t Get At Home
  5. Half A Thought Away
  6. Somebody Else

  1. Country Of Joy David Spangler ...Composer 2:38
  2. Desire David Spangler... Composer 2:53
  3. Jonathan David Spangler... Composer 3:43
  4. Hero David Spangler... Composer 4:03
  5. Half A Thought Away Reprise David Spangler... Composer 4:45
  6. Somebody Else David Spangler... Composer 4:06


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All songs published by Virtually Yours Music (ASCAP)


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