music by
David Spangler

lyrics by
Rick Gore, Christopher Gore
and David Spangler

book by
Rick Gore and David Spangler

The Story

The beautiful daughter of the High Priest of Egypt becomes one of the most powerful women in history by balancing the love of two men – her husband the Pharaoh, and Horemhap the Commander of Egypt’s armies. Nefertiti’s stepson, King Tut, watches as his father attempts to unify the nation under one god and a more empathetic theology. The splendid beauty of the Amarna Period radiates as the vision and hopes of Akhenaten dissolve into the sands of a world not yet ready for peace and compassion.

Production History

  • Nefertiti first opened at Chicago’s Blackstone Theatrein 1977. Directed by Jack O’Brien with music by David Spangler, book and lyrics by Christopher Gore, the musical was produced by Sherwin Goldman. The cast included Andrea Marcovicci, Robert Lupone, Michael Nouri, Marilyn Cooper, Benjamin Rayson and Jane White.
  • Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center 1989. Children of the Sun. Directed by David Spangler. Terry Burrell as Nefertiti.
  • Jedlicka Performing Arts Center 2004. Directed by Dante Orfei.
  • Parker Playhouse 2005. Directed by Robert Johanson
  • Human Race Theatre Company 2006. Showcase Production directed by Kevin Moore
  • Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre 2007. Athenaeum Theatre.
    Directed by Kevin Iega Jeff



  1. Everything is Possible
  2. There Is A River
  3. Heaven
  4. Angry Gods
  5. It Happens Very Softly
  6. If I Were You
  7. Someone Is Here
  8. Where Did The Day Go?


  1. Everything Is Possible David Spangler 4:53
  2. There Is A River David Spangler 2:19
  3. Heaven David Spangler 2:09
  4. Angry Gods David Spangler 3:03
  5. It Happens Very Softly David Spangler 3:31
  6. If I Were You David Spangler 3:38
  7. Someone Is Here David Spangler 4:44
  8. Where Did The Day Go? David Spangler 3:11


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All songs published by Amarna Publishing (ASCAP)

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