Heaven’s Balcony

Heaven’s Balcony

music, lyrics and book by
David Spangler and Jerry Taylor

The Story

Mary Baker Eddy was the richest woman on earth; she started a religion in 1875 that is still going strong; she founded a publishing empire still thriving today, she had three husbands, one son, and Mark Twain wrote a book about her, Joseph Pulitzer sued her, Albert Einstein studied her metaphysics, and the people she healed deified her. This is her story.


Production History

  • Papermill Playhouse Full Reading (1987) Starring Nancy Marchand. Directed by Robert Johanson.
  • Village Theatre Issaquah, WA. Staged Reading (2010)



  1. Carried Away
  2. Tinker
  3. Divine Destiny
  4. For Better Or Worse
  5. In My Name
  6. Never Say Die
  7. Why Me
  8. Animal Magnetism

  1. Carried Away David Spangler 3:45
  2. Tinker David Spangler 2:24
  3. Divine Destiny David Spangler 4:22
  4. For Better Or Worse David Spangler 2:11
  5. In My Name David Spangler 3:48
  6. Never Say Die David Spangler 3:13
  7. Why Me? David Spangler 3:46
  8. Animal Magnetism David Spangler 3:57


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