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Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts, founded in 1989 by David Sheridan Spangler, is a not for profit 501c3 creative arts organization for people of all ages, dreams of all shapes and visions of all sizes. Using the Lovewell Method, they conduct workshops around the world, bringing people together in collaborations that will never be forgotten.

Lovewell has workshops throughout the United States and Sweden for people ages 9-21, college courses for teachers, artists and college students, and intergenerational workshops for people 9-99 years old and a professional theatre company, The Lovewell Theatre Project.

Lovewell published a book of original music, The Lovewell Songbook Volume One (found on Spotify) with recordings by Broadway and Lovewell artists. They also have a catalog of original Lovewell musicals that is available for rent and performance.


  1. Save Me Lovewell Institute feat. Jalisa Graham 3:06


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Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts believes that there is no idea that is too small and no dream that is too big. Contact Lovewell if you have an idea about how to work with you, your organization, your school, your theatre, your business, your country, your world- contact Lovewell and dream together.


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