David Sheridan Spangler

Through his own artistic work, his family, and his experiential projects in education and art-based therapies, David Sheridan Spangler has learned to create new realities, and to empower others to create their own new realities. You’re in one of them right now. Explore with him the boundless creative possibilities…

David is a composer, lyricist, director, educational engineer, and creative process specialist. Balancing a creative career, a family, and a passion for education, he has pioneered transdisciplinary methods of generating meaningful collaborative artworks that entertain, educate and often enlighten audiences and participants.

Born and raised in rural Kansas, he graduated from high school in Denver, then from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania. Writing and directing musicals for his high school, and later for CMU’s Scotch N’ Soda Club, he won two BMI awards and landed a publishing deal in New York with Chappell Music and had a show running Broadway by the time he was 22.

While in New York, Spangler composed music and lyrics for television (9 of his CBS/Fox Educational Videos achieved Gold Status), theatre (Elizabeth 1, Magic Show, Seesaw, Nefertiti, ad campaigns (Hallmark, AT&T, Mercedes Benz), and played the cabaret circuit with his own band. He scored some films and wrote the title song for Warner Brothers’ So Fine starring Ryan O’Neal, and consulted for several entertainment corporations including Disney. But David also stayed involved in psychology, education and spiritual studies. He started searching for the codes – signs and signals from the force that give meaning and joy to life. This led to a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts and a focus on creative process that evolved into his founding and serving as the original artistic director of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts.

Inspired by Rudolph Steiner, Shinichi Suzuki, Maria Montessori, Jacob Moreno, and Elliot Eisner, David continued to develop the Lovewell Method into a dynamic and therapeutic arts education learning methodology practiced in schools, hospitals and theatres in Fort Lauderdale, Columbus, New York, Las Vegas and internationally in Sweden, Russia and Italy. He taught Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Process at Nova Southeastern University while continuing to write his musicals (Nefertiti,  Heaven’s Balcony, Something You Can’t Get At Home).

Explore the possibilities and enjoy your trip…

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